‘’MOSAIC exists to empower women and girl survivors of domestic violence and abuse by creating enabling environments for them and supporting them through their healing process and ensuring that they become positive, and active drivers of change in their own lives. Providing psychosocial support services is not enough, therefore our theory of change is holistic. Our theory of change is based on the assumption that violence and abuse against women and girls affect their life-cycle, in a way that is, mentally, physically and economically debilitating and thus affecting the way the survivor sees themselves, how they relate to others, and how they see their future. Therefore, we focus on personal development throughout our work with women and girls in order to have an impact in these essential areas to ensure true empowerment.’’ 

ALMA MAUVE is a clothing brand from The Netherlands and Spain which can be defined as sustainable and ethical. The brand works with small local workshops from Spain and uses a made-to-order model to reduce waste. This model also enables the brand to invest more time in craftsmanship which, apart from the materials, lead to quality clothing. ALMA MAUVE believes in giving back to the community and supporting organizations that try to battle social and/or environmental issues. The brand identifies itself as feminist and also focuses on female empowerment and support. Celia Mather stated that, around the world, three-quarters of the estimated 60-75 million people working in the textile, clothing and footwear industries, are women and girls (Mather, C. ‘Garment Industry Supply Chains’ Women Working Worldwide, 2015). ALMA MAUVE believes that supporting ethical brands and having fast fashion companies better the working conditions and environment of their employees, could make a big change for a high percentage of women around the world. What better way to be a feminist fashionista than to support ethical brands?

MOSAIC is a non-profit organisation from South Africa working to prevent and reduce abuse and domestic violence by providing holistic, integrated services for the healing and empowerment of women to claim their rights. Their mid to long-term vision is to ensure that violence against women in all its forms and manifestations is eradicated in our society. This will be done by further developing the organisational structures necessary to run purpose-built MOSAIC support and healing centers to work directly with women, men and children in the community and act as national and regional flagship training centers. Moreover, they will develop and improve the programmed delivery, organisational capacity, sustainability and provide curriculum and values-based training to all staff, in order to increase and improve the support for hundreds of thousands of women and girl survivors, reduce and prevent violence by men as perpetrators, and awareness and gender sensitization for the community at large.

ALMA MAUVE believes in its mission and wants to support the organisation by donating 10% of their net profits. All customers purchasing an item from ALMA MAUVE will therefore also contribute to the donations MOSAIC will receive. Twice a year, all customers and subscribers to our newsletters will receive a report generated by MOSAIC and ALMA MAUVE in which they will demonstrate the number of donations received and how it has or will be invested. This will keep donators, customers and the rest of the world informed on how their money is being used.