ALMA MAUVE STUDIO was founded by me, Chanice, and my mother in 2017. I continued to carry the business by myself a year after since I am living in Barcelona, Spain and my mother in The Netherlands- it was hard to work together from a distance. Without a professional background in fashion, I managed to establish this brand with great knowledge and help from my mother, my team and many hours of hard but efficient work. I have always wanted to pursue a career in which I would have the opportunity to connect with people, help to battle social issues and simultaneously work in music and fashion. I believe to have found a wonderful way to combine that.

ALMA MAUVE STUDIO follows a quality over quantity policy and hence works with a made-to-order model for all of our new items. Our production model enables us to invest in time, extra care and craftsmanship. 

We believe in giving back to the community and supporting organizations that try to battle social and/or environmental issues. Apart from providing you beautiful, clean and ethical clothing, we also strive to collaborate with NGOs to which we donate a percentage of our profits. We are currently collaborating with South-African NGO MOSAIC who helps to battle domestic violence in their country. Please read more about our partnership here.